Video: Trash Bag TV (Episode 1) | Dirty Glove Bastard

“The pilot webisode of TRASH BAG TV takes you Behind the Scenes for Trash Bag Gang’s “Check Me Out” video shoot. The entire 15th floor of the Twelve Hotel was purchased and turned in to a video set for the Jordan Tower directed clip. Watch as (in order of appearance) WEST (@WestHustleMan) , RED DOT (@RedDot1Shot) , MIKE J (@MikeJ448g) , MARTY (@PardonMartyTBG) , & STARLITO (@LITO615) parade through the halls exchanging laughs and shaking life. They even address rumors that there was ‘phony money’ used in an earlier music video (Trash Bag Gang “Hot”). The Streets of Cashville have spoken and dare not to be misrepresented any further.”Lito

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