Video: Trash Bag Gang TV (Episode 2) | Dirty Glove Bastard

“I thought it was dope that I didn’t perform any solo songs, despite dropping (arguably) the most well received solo project in my career. (“@ WAR w/ Myself”)…I don’t have many rap friends, so it’s even that much cooler to see the public rockin’ wit my homies. CUB just dropped a banger. West album on iTunes and he got hella videos. Mike J & Marty are going even harder in the absence of Dot and plan to drop solo’s soon. There will always be a sense of fulfillment with all that WE do, based on the fact that whatever you hear, see, love, hate, and/or appreciate is all US. No record label, no co-sign, no budget, no management. Just real niggas street dreaming…and shakin’ it. FREE RED DOT!” – Lito

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