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Pepperboy is a rapper from Little Rock, Arkansas that I just got put on to. He’s actually been rapping for 10 years now and got some online love earlier this year from a few publications for his song “Felon”, which was dope. I was able to preview an advance copy of his new project, Nite Time the other day and it’s a pretty good album. Stand out tracks are “Joined A Gang” which sounds like some vintage Triple 6 shit, “Global Warning” and the lead single, “Love My Life”. Check it out and expect more from him on DGB in the future.

Download: Pepper Boy – Nite Time [Free Album]

1. Death Pt. 2 / Intro
2. Real Spit ft. SortaHuman
3. Neighborhood
4. Joined A Gang
5. Funeral
6. Love My Life
7. Revolution ft. Himself The Majestic
8. Global Warning
9. Never Change
10. The Streets ft. Yung Yadi & Western Tink
11. Tha Top ft. Blackberry
12. Broke ft. Spz Chaote
13. One Life Remix ft. Temolja & Feezio
14. Deep
15. Soap On Tha Block ft. Bill Ding & Lakutis

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