Mata (of PRGz) - Count Down To The 100 Day Theory [Mixtape] | Dirty Glove Bastard

1. Pic Em Up [Prod. By DJ Burn One]
2. Run out Feat. Gunt [Prod. By Scorp Dezel]
3. Grind Feat. 6 Tre G [Prod. By Marco Blayze]
4. I’m Local Feat. Gunt, Kain, Boy Wonda and Mic Strange [Prod. By Nick Rio]
5. I’m Arrogant [Prod. By Majik Marsh]
6. Bitch Feat. Majik Marsh [Prod. By Meechie]
7. Get Ya Weight Up Feat. Jackie Chain
8. Da Whole Bar [Prod. By Johnny Juliano]
9. Heavily [Prod. By DJ Burn One]
10. Swag Flu Feat. Dawgy Baggz [Prod. By Scorp Dezel]
11. I’m Diffirant [Prod. By Naughty Boy Productions]
12. Colors [Prod. By Primetime]
13. Stoned Feat. Jhi Ali [Prod. By Block Beattaz]
14. I Don’t Know Yet [Prod. By Block Beattaz]
15. Hey Girl Feat. Jhi Ali [Prod. By S.O.V]
16. On Time [Prod. By Jay Cee]
17. Tony Montana Feat. Dawgy Baggz and Gunt
18. Stay Gone [Prod. By DJ Burn One]
19. Sayonara [Prod. By S.O.V.]

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