Jelly Roll - Whiskey, Weed And Waffle House [Mixtape] | Dirty Glove Bastard


DGB presents Jelly Roll Whiskey, Weed And Waffle House (Hosted by DJ Hylyte) Download

1. Intro (Ft. Lex Top Dollar) [Prod. By Lex Top Dollar]
2. Dope Boy [Prod. By Bandplay]
3. Team Still Strong (Ft. Rell & Worm) [Prod. By Bandplay]
4. That’s Cool [Prod. By Bandplay]
5. Hardest In My City (Ft. David Ray) [Prod. By Greenway]
6. They Don’t Want It [Prod. By Greenway]
7. WW&WH (Ft. Grizz) [Prod. By Greenway]
8. Freaky Girls [Prod. By Greenway]
9. Livin My Life (Ft. Worm) [Prod. By Slam]
10. In My Zone (Ft. Worm) [Prod. By Slam]
11. Never Give Up (Ft. Cody Jacobs) [Prod. By Slam]
12. Black Girl Booty [Prod. By Fatboi]
13. So Long [Prod. By Fatboi]
14. Go From Here [Prod. By DJ Money Green]
15. Champions [Prod. By Quake]
16. Outro (Ft. Cody Jacobs) [Prod. By Greenway]

17. DJ Hylyte Speaks
18. What They Waitin On [Prod. By Broadway]
19. Guess Who’s Back
20. Dream While I’m Awake [Prod. By P3 Beats]
21. Trouble Shoot (Caskey Ft. Jelly Roll)

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